Caderbank Stud

Terms and Conditions

Swabs:  All mares must have a veterinary certificate stating she has been swab tested and is free from infection prior to arriving at the stud.  It is also a requirement for mares to be vaccinated against or blood tested negative for EVA.

caderbank Stallions:  Our stallions are all tested negative for any infection including EVA.

Stud Fees:  All stud fees are payable in full on arrival, mares will not be covered unless fee is paid in full.

Keep Fees:  All fees are payable before the mare leaves our yard.  Mare at grass £25p/w, with foal at foot £35, mare stabled £50p/w, with foal at foot £65.

Worming:  All mares will be wormed on arrival and wormed again according to our current worming programme.

Shoes/Feet:  all mares must have hind shoes removed on arrival, mares feet will be trimmed by our farrier if deemed necessary and the owner charged accordingly.

Scanning:  Mares may be scanned whilst at the stud if required to determine pregnancy/oestrous condition.  All vets fees will be charged to the mare owner.

Covering certificates:  All certificates will be forwarded on to the mare owner on receipt of a positive pregnancy diagnosis certificate.

No Foal Free return:  If a mare is certified not in foal by 1st october then she will be accepted back the following season.

All mares whilst at this stud will receive every possible care, attention and supervision but no responsibility can be taken for accident or disease.  veterinary assistance will be called in when deemed necessary and chargeable to the owner.  All mares are served at their owners risk and no responsibility can be accepted for injury, damage or loss caused through serving/trying to serve any mare.

Our aim at Caderbank Stud is to breed top quality youngstock, therefore mares with poor conformation or known hereditary conditions may not be accepted.  The stud reserves the right to refuse to serve any mare in poor condition or deemed unfit for breeding.