Caderbank Stud

Martin has been breaking in horses since he was a young boy, helping his Grandad with the ponies on the farm.  Since he was about 18 he has been buying horses to break in and sell on. 

When Martin and Danni met in 2005 they had the oportunity to do it on a larger scale, breaking horses in for other people too.  We offer a competitive service using traditional methods and a lot of patience.  We never ever rush a horse as this is what spoils them a lot of the time.  We do not use any gadgets - roller, side reins, saddle, bridle and snaffle bit from start to finish thats our lot!!  We have broken in numerous horses and ponies over the years, each and every one being a success! 

We have broken in everything from Shetland Ponies and pleasure horses to sports horses and stallions, we pride ourselves on our sympathetic but firm approach which results in a great deal of respect from the horses, this makes it an enjoyable time for the horse and makes our job a lot easier!  We treat every horse as an individual from the way we act around it and how much work/turnout it gets right through to what is is fed. 

Our fees are £100 per week, that includes feed, hay, bedding, turnout and at least 5 days work a week.  (fees may be slightly less for small ponies) Below are just a few of our more recent 'breakers'

Belle 6yrs Riding pony mare 

Connie 3yrs TB x Hann/Shire Filly

Lucky 5yrs Shetland Gelding

Trixie 4yrs 3/4 TB Mare